August 04, 2008

Jelmer Noordeman Interview by DonutChocula

Jelmer Noordeman

That is for you Art?

What I think is art.

Well the old saying "Art is in the I of the beholder" is a good one. also to me it is is: experimenting, experiencing and thinking.

To use tools to create?

At the moment I mainly use pens and markers, acrylic paint and spray paint. For paining I use flat brushes. Also I use a triangular one that is quite thick but has only one hair at the tip, great for details... And I use Photoshop (of course).

What is your favourite shape?

What my favourite shape is:
A triangle pointing down.

Mac or PC?

I used to have a Mac mini but sadly it died on me a while back.
So now I've got a PC to get used to again..
But I really like to have a brand new mac again.

Influences? Recommendations?

For sure my Girlfriend Kirsten Spuijbroek and my TJENKER-collective Buddy's Bjorn Narten and Pascal Brander (nr26) be sure to check 'm out.

Also: Anthoy Lister, Ian Francis. Ben tour, Conor Harington, Alex one, Grant Barnhart, Nicolas di Genova, Russ Miles, David Choe, Dave McKean, James Jean, Jenny Saville

-6. One Book / One type / One Color...

Book: I''ve just read Signal to noise From Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, of witch I especially dig Dave's work / Font: I don't Really have a favourite but this one is the dopest / Colour: orange/red.

-7. What are you going to do this summer?

I'm going to the Melt festival in Berlin and see some of Berlin too.

Also I'm going to some "in the middle of nowhere place" camping with Kirsten for a couple of day's of ultra chilling. Also (what a surprise) I'll be drawing and painting a lot.

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