September 08, 2008

Manuel Osterholt “SuperBlast” Interview by DonutChocula

Manuel Osterholt “SuperBlast”
Graffiti Writer & Graphic Designer

Graffiti Writer from / since...

Started around 1989 in my city of birth, Heidelberg, Germany.

What is your feeling while you do Graffiti?

Depends on my mood and situation. From relaxed to paranoid.

What is for you Design?

Design, in general, is something that makes things look better.
In the best case it helps to translate an idea into a quick understandable message.

My approach is to add something human and personal to it, to not just sell something, but to add an extra value. In the best case to touch people.
If i touch the receptor, in any way, i succeeded.

To use tools to create?

Mostly i work with a black marker, straight on paper. Freestyle, so to say.

I like the concentration for every single line i do.
But then i use everything i get in my hands to try new things out. Every tool gives you a new idea and a new viewpoint, so i use this situation to not get stuck in old habits.

Then of course a nice spraycan is my favorite tool outside of my 4 walls.

Lately i mix it up with roller and paint to fill in the basic color and then work over it with my can.

The machine i use for design works of course. But mostly just as another tool to make my sketches printable or reproduction of my ideas.

Mac or PC ?

Influences? Recommendations?

Too many. I´m influenced by day to day situations, people, friends, books, films, comics, art, photos...
From ancient mythtical paintings to modernists, from the dadaists to graffiti writing from the 70´s, greek icons meet M-C. Escher and mythology meets science fiction.
Add Monty Pythons humor to it and you get the picture!

One Book / One type / One Color / One city...

The Futurological Congress by Stanislav Lem / WoodBlast / SuperBlast Blue / New York City.

What music are you listening while you work?

From Hardcore Punk to Hip-Hop, from Funk to Jazz...

Music with the right energy, to put my in the right mood.

Upcoming SuperBlast projects, exhibitions...

Right now I´m heavily working on some new concepts. You´ll hear from them soon. There is a small SuperBlast tshirt line in the making and tons of other tshirt collaborations.

Also some interesting commercial work. Some personal and comissioned artwork on the side. I´ll try to keep a diverse range of projects around me to not get bored...

Get the Book & Spraycan here


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