February 05, 2009

Zbiok / ZBK Interview by DonutChocula

ZBK is a pseudonim of a Polish painter and urban activist. Not a crime organisation, just a kid growing up, it the big bad world, try to give his , maybe not so important opinion. Some people build bridges, other rob money, “Im using paint to do the best thing that i can, on paper, canvas or your dad..s house. Hey, ok im a kid but, like somone said, “once you grow up, your heart dies...”

Zbiok is a Polish painter with full tank of comic imagination. With the naive exuberance of old-schools graffiti his work is also reminiscent of a modern-day Ferdinand Leger, drawing on the language of comic and graphic art with a little constructivist surrealizm thrown in. With overlapping layers of coloured shapes, figures and graphic symbols of modern life, his paintings are full of energy, humour and irreverence.

Text by Tristan Manco author of Street sketchbook.

What is for you Street Art?

There is no definition of street art right now,nothing is constant. For me its not only visual arts, its also happenings, performances, street theaters, the movement is to large toclose it in definitions.

Street or Gallery...

Street and Gallery, i dont try to separate it, both are platforms of communications, and exposition, so i try to get the best from them.

To use tools to create?

The most important tool is your brain, when you use it wisely you can do everything wit it :)

What is your favourite shape? Triangle.

Mac or PC? Im a rookie Mac user.

Influences? Recommendations?

Mostly, early XX century painters, cubists, expressionists. My favorite artists are Fernand Leger, Keith Harring...

One Zine / One City / One Color...

The Dilly/ Berlin! / Black :)

What music are you listening while you work?

If it comes to music, im openminded. I listen good music from rap to death metal :)

Upcoming projects, exhibitions...

28 February, Brooklynite Gallery NY, a show together with Remed, its going to be hot! Peace! (Photos here)

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