April 07, 2009

SMALL studio Interview by DonutChocula

SMALL studio

That is for you Design?

Design is a way to talk about something, like a language, wich is personal but understand by everyone.It's your own way to tell things.

To use tools to create?

For a long time i used "classical" tools to design my stuffs. I mean spraycan for the street and computer at the office for posters and type... But i'm really interested in testing new way to create. I would like to paste more hand-made posters in the street, a medium i really love.Maybe because i'm litlle bit fearful, but i really feel better pasting posters in the street than bombing walls...The same for my "graphic" works. I would like to experiment new things with huge shapes of colored paper.Replace the mouse with a cutter...

Mac or PC?

What is your favourite shape? The most simple is the best.

Influences? Recommendations?

Wow... It's large...I'm really affected by the work of Jim Houser, Cody Hudson, Jason Munn, Akroe, Jean Julien... But i think i find inspiration in every day situation, stupid things, dirty tags in the toilet of bar for example, photo found by chance on the web...That's what feeds my world.

One Magazine / One type / One Color...

My old Xplicit GrafX dated from 90's / One type ? ...do your own, it's better ! / Black

What music are you listening while you work?

It depend of the mood... It goes from MF Doom to Battles, from Blondie to New Order...Frome the rapture to Cut Chemist... And sometimes silence is good too.

Upcoming "Small Studio" projects, exhibitions ...

I'm working on the LP cover for a great DJ / Producer, which will be out spring 2009. More news on my website in few weeks !Maybe type design for other musical project, let's see... And for sure many collaboration with my friends All Over who print dope silkscreen posters.

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