May 29, 2010

Dave Decat "Fritz Honka" at Vicious Gallery

Fritz Honka

Vernissage Sat. May 29th 2010
8pm Till late.

Exhibition: May 29th until June 19th

Our man Dave has returned to Hamburg! Through his former visits to this beautiful city he had gained a feeling for the vibe that´s going on here. There are not only the fancy houses around the Alster or Elbe. There is also this magic place called St. Pauli. Right in the middle of St. Pauli, where our gallery is located, you just have to look out of the window to see all the similarities between Dave´s work and the looks and attitudes of the people living in St. Pauli. Thugs and pimps, hookers and drinkers, gamblers and thiefs. What else would have been more logical for him to return for his second solo- show, than bringing loads of portraits of those people representing our dirty and shady, but also lovely and beautiful St. Pauli!?!

The belgian artist Dave Decat was born and raised in brussels, where he attended the Royal Academy of Art to become an illustrator. From the mid 80´s until the 90´s he was very involved in the New York Hardcore Scene and did a couple of european tours as tour manager for the infamous parisian band Kickback.

He had also worked in a tattoo shop in Brussels where he replaced the boss when this one was sick, tattoed a 100's of people but stopped when he had the opportunity to draw two campains for Carhartt worlwide and has worked for Rugged Magazine, Sixpack shirts (9 shirts). He did record covers for Hi-Phen records, The Sedan Vault, Joe Coffee ... In the last years is career as an artist has realy increased in speed and he has exposed in Antwerp, Brussels, Hamburg, Rome, Koln .... Since his first show at Vicious Gallery in 2009 which was a huge success, the Vicious Gallery sees him as one as the most important artists for the gallery´s profile. His infamous characters represent the lifestyle of St. Pauli. He will proof this at his next solo- show.

Vicious Gallery
Kleine Freiheit 46
D-22767 Hamburg
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