May 24, 2010

STROKE.02 The world’s first Urban Art and New Contemporary Art Expo

The world’s first Urban Art and New Contemporary Art Expo
27 – 30 May 2010

STROKE.02 the art fair

The 7000 visitors that attended STROKE.01 in October 2009 transformed Munich into the capital city of „Urban“ or „Contemporary Art“. Inspired by this success the STROKE organizers have come up with a few things to make sure that STROKE.02 is even more creative and varied.

The top Urban Art galleries will have 10.000 m² within which to present their artists and to create a diverse and varied „Urban Art“ ensemble. Among the exhibitors are major galleries such as Intoxicated Demons from Berlin, New York’s Honeycumb, Laura McNamara from Birmingham, Milan’s United No Art Collection and xhoch4 from Munich.

Additionally, well-known artists like Claudio Ethos, the MA`Claim Crew, Pisa 73 and Box 23 will be painting live – bringing their work closer to the public and offering visitors an insight to the creative process, how they develop their pieces and how they interpret the term „Art“.

STROKE.02 is upping the ante even further, offering a special highlight: art developed using LEGO building blocks will be presented on a 300 m² area under the motto „LEGO goes Graffiti”. This exhibits the versatility of the children’s toy and further reflects the creativity of the scene. The LEGO Live Charity Battle will be running over the entire duration of the show, with up to four artists letting their imaginations run riot and building larger than life LEGO artworks. These will be auctioned during the show, with proceeds going to charity.

DJ Acts will round off this extensive programme each evening, offering visitors a complete programme with something for everyone.

Raiko Schwalbe is thrilled with the response and the build-up so far: „Our exhibition space is already booked out and we’ve had a lot of feedback from Stroke01 visitors telling us how much they’re looking forward to Stroke02“. He has lived in Munich for 10 years and together with his brother Marco runs the „Intoxicated Demons“ gallery in Berlin.

While his graphic designer brother is responsible for the creative department, as a former Key Account Manager Raiko Schwalbe mainly looks after the business side of things. Munich’s „Team From Hell“ also benefits from this symbiosis, with Florian Pop, Hubertus Becker and Quirin Schwanck having already worked together with the Schwalbe brothers, to stage the STROKE.01 Urban Art-Expo in a former BMW dealership.

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