May 18, 2010

Upper Playground Presents: Shinganist Capsule collection

Upper Playground Presents:

Upper Playground got a chance to chat with Usugrow recently, and although he has had a busy year of gallery showings (most recently his thematic show in London), he maintains that T-Shirts are just as important as any of his canvas paintings, because they’re accessible to anyone. And to prove it, he’s releasing a line of Shinganist tees with Upper Playground. The tee’s follow in his distinct style that incorporates his signature skulls and uses black and white to create stark contrasts. All five t-shirts are available at Upper Playground’s retail stores, and online at the Upper Playground online store.

Usugrow started drawing in 1993 for various hardcore metal bands, hip-hop groups, album covers, merchandise, clothing brands, shops, and skate companies. He is based in Japan and his black and white illustrations featuring delicate lines and unique lettering style are instantly recognizable. He skillfully and beautifully portrays opposing elements such as skulls and flowers, black and white, yin and yang, all expressing his belief that opposing elements can exist together.

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