June 08, 2010

the COTSTORE by Pablo Cots at Galerie Olivier Robert

the COTSTORE by Pablo Cots

From 09/06/2010 to 17/07/2010

For the duration of an exhibition, the Olivier Robert gallery is transformed into a pop-up shop, imagined by Pablo Cots: the COTSTORE.

This format of exhibition chosen by the artist, will present an installation, paintings, and drawings. In this temporary store for ' kidults ', Pablo Cots creates limited editions: 3 T-shirts, 1 linen bag, a colouring book, and a catalog of drawings. These editions recall the 1980s, to popular imagery and to places, where, art and urban practices mix.

Titled " ADOLESCENCE, CATECHISM and REVIVAL "and" AFTER-PARTY HOURS - galleries, faiths and criminality " respectively, the colouring book and the catalog of drawings are comparable to ethnographical studies that investigate the relations between the artist and the outside world.

Within the framework of this project, Pablo Cots lends himself to the game of branding. Fifty years after The Store by Claes Oldenburg, a work in which consumer goods recreated by the artist were sold in a rented shop in New York, or Keith Haring’s Pop Shop, Pablo Cots digests and transposes this inheritance into another context : the gallery. He appropriates classic by-products of fashion: T-shirts, linen bags, and customized denim jackets to affix his mark.

• MON CAHIER DE COLORIAGE / adolescence, catéchisme & renaissance•
21 x 29,7cm / 100 exemplaires numérotés & signés
imprimé sur cyclus offset 300gr -140 gr

• AFTER HOURS / galeries, croyance & criminalité •
21 x 29,7cm / 100 exemplaires numérotés & signés
imprimé sur cyclus print 250gr -115 gr

• NO HAY FUTURO / graffiti & semaine sainte•
20 x 24 cm / 30 exemplaires numérotés
DIY zine - photocopies

THE PACK includes the colouring book, the catalog of drawings, a T-shirt, and the linen bag. This exhibition is realized in partnership with Keep diggin.

Galerie Olivier Robert
5, rue des Haudriettes
75003 Paris
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