June 18, 2010

Erosie "Me Myself and US" at Extrabold

Erosie & Extrabold are pleased to invite you to:
Me Myself and US

OPENING friday 18 jun 2010
staring at 19h00

Exhibition: 19.06.2010 – 24.07.2010

Dutch based artist Erosie originally started his career in the early 90's as a "classic" graffiti writer. Having carved an impressive career as a commercial illustrator, he has evolved a fine art practice through his experimentation with conceptual pieces, scale and the exploration of various mediums. Erosie's current work explores the subversion of typography, and the loss of its intrinsic values. Considering the 'play' between image vs. text vs. 'graffiti-codes'.

Observing a culture, wherein successful communication alludes to supremacy, and these dislocated modes of communication embody our post-modern obsession with visual language.

Erosie is an Eindhoven based artist who came to the worlds attention through his graffiti, and soon explored (and arguably mastered) the worlds of typography, painting and illustration. Often his works are based around strong concepts, and are always filled with amazing technique and humour.

Erosie has been commissioned by Sixpack (France), Juice magazine (Germany), exhibited around Europe including the prestigious MU space, and is visual director for 3024 records which has released music by legendary dubstep producer Martyn.

Erosie (meaning erosion) is a designer working in Eindhoven, known for his mix of typography, graffiti and illustration. Apart from the wallpainting, Erosie told us about his Five Words Poster displayed in the exhibition. The inspiration “comes from working on the street; the birth-ground really of the poster as an advertising form as we know it. There is a small jump from doing work in the street as a graffiti writer/ street artist or even from a political motivation to advertising purposes; there is a need to push a message in the public area; to ask for someone's attention for whatever purpose; a political message, an ego-boost or a commercial message etc.

“I tried to make a poster that is self-referential and in a way pointless because of that. It is about itself but in the meantime points out the over-use of the medium; there is so much information visible in public space, it almost erases its own effectiveness. So the type is handwritten, matching contemporary use of typography (mixing up fonts) and using trendy colours...all for the purpose of catching that attention; and immediately asking the question; why? In that sense it's like an empty message that is a message in itself. On top of that, it reflects my love-hate relationship with design (in this case typographic design); I really like handwritten type, but I simply can't just embrace it only for the aesthetics of it. So it's catch-22.”

“I actually did another poster that fits the same approach (You Have One New Message) but relates more to how we communicate nowadays; we have so many ways of communicating, how we communicate actually overshadows what we communicate. A possible sign of how complex life is in general nowadays.”

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