June 04, 2010

Studiobüro "Puzzle" Exhibition at Issue Gallery

Studiobüro | Rodolphe Dogniaux - Claire Fauvain - Das Kopf - Lys Lydia - Ma~ - Chloé Mazlo - Julien Pacaud - Postics - Jérôme Sachs - Sofk - Charles Tomlinson - Amandine Urruty

From June 4th to 22nd

Studiobüro is a collective composed of thirteen Graphic artists/illustrators. At its foundation lies Jérôme Sachs, who throughout the years has managed to surround himself with his twelve apostles.

Studiobüro is an artistic collective that can only be understood once all constitutive elements are put together. The art works created form a mixture of all the intrinsic styles of the collective. They are conceived to respond to only one combination, the one by Studiobüro. Once the artworks are put together they are not just graphic fragments, but rather part of a complete theme: Studiobüro.

More than the name of the exhibition, Puzzle can be understood as a definition for Studiobüro. The exhibition can be read following the puzzle’s user’s guide: sorting out the pieces by colors, forms, techniques, returning to the artists each creation.

The exhibition will also be characterized by its progressive form. From one week to another the walls of the gallery will be covered by different artworks changing within the same exhibition.

Galerie Issue
38 rue Quincampoix
75004 Paris
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