April 21, 2011

Carhartt presents WhoMadeWho "Knee Deep" Tour


Carhartt is proud to present the upcoming Europe tour of the Danish trio
WhoMadeWho. Their journey will take them from Denmark via Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands to Italy to present their latest mini album “Knee Deep” at each stop. The tour will be backed by an exclusive WhoMadeWho Carhartt Radio show, in which the Danish boys take a lively tongue-in-cheek approach towards their widely ramified opus. Carhartt is also offering an exclusive limited WhoMadeWho T-shirt, available at all concerts and, while the tour lasts, in every Carhartt store as well as online through the band’s new record company Kompakt.

They make their audiences dance, laugh, and smile and never take themselves all too seriously: Tomas Barfod, Tomas Høffding, and Jeppe Kjellberg aka WhoMadeWho can already look back on a strong career which inlcudes numerous singles and two highly acclaimed albums for the superb Munich based label Gomma Records. In the past decade they also have been one of the few bands that successfully redefine the term “cross-over” in music with their unique genre-hopping style. Now WhoMadeWho have teamed up with the Cologne based label Kompakt and released their new mini album “Knee Deep”. The eight tracks on “Knee Deep” reveal their love for electronic music in conjunction with 60s inspired psychedelic vocal productions. “We have never been ‘dance’ nor ‘rock’ – people always like to categorise ... I guess we are more like rave-country-disco or psychedelia-house-funk ...

The basic concept is that we are three people with different backgrounds and preferences jamming together,” as drummer Thomas Barfod points out their method of operation and the reason for their stylistic ambiguity. For their upcoming tour in cooperation with Carhartt the three jokers will lift up their fans once more with their funny, no-frills ad-lib performances, in which musical styles melt together into one big carnival of sound. Get ready for a perfect night of thrilling live entertainment where audiences become the showmasters and vice versa.

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