October 11, 2011

Andy Kehoe and Charlie Immer at Roq La Rue Gallery

Andy Kehoe
Arise, Feral Night


Charlie Immer
Bone Jiggle

Opens Friday October 14th, 6-9pm
show runs through November 5th

Roq La Rue is very pleased to present a new show of works by two painters, Andy Kehoe and Charlie Immer. Perfect for the incoming fall season, these works depict themes that are dark in nature, yet are elevated above being frightening by the use of playful humor or a dreamy, fairytale like quality.

Andy Kehoe will have his first solo show at Roq La Rue this October with an exhibition of darkly enchanting paintings entitled "Arise Feral Night". This new series focuses on the otherwordly landscapes and nature-spirit denizens that populate Kehoe's work, however this new series opens up an even deeper portal to Kehoe's world, one that contains a similar magic and enigmatic mystery as that of Hayao Miyazaki.

"Since it's in October around Halloween I decided to do a series based on the coming of night to my land. I've been meaning to do a night series for a while and this seemed like an appropriate time to do it. Most of my work exists in a state of constant Autumn and constant twilight. Night does come every once in a while but it's a different kind of night. Layers between worlds, tenuous to begin with, open up and intertwine. Fade in and out. So there's a lot of thin, overlapping layers of different worlds all converging and creatures wandering in and out of these worlds." - Andy Kehoe

Charlie Immer shows a new group of his goopy, glossy, and gummy candy colored skeleton paintings in his new series "Bone Jiggle". Immer's joyously macabre work straddles the line between grotesque and kawaii with his rainbow hued canvases featuring grinning skulls, polyhedron shaped imp-like characters, and syrupy innards that shimmer and shine like jello.

"With this body of work I introduced new flavors of syrupy sinew to the undulating and quivering landscape. I decided to drain the blood and let it collect elsewhere for now. These paintings depict other worldly creatures playfully interacting with one another. Some are forming symbiotic relationships while others just want to explore the dripping slime. It’s safe to say that they are all having a gooey blast. " - Charlie Immer

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Roq La Rue Gallery
2312 2nd Ave. Seattle
Washington 98121
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