October 22, 2011

SupaKitch "Clé de Soul" solo show at Galerie LJ

Clé de Soul

October 22 - November 26, 2011
Opening, October 22, from 7pm

Galerie L.J. is very pleased to host the new solo exhibition of SupaKitch in France. SupaKitch is a complete artist brimming with ideas; he has created a uni- verse with Asian influences, pop-romantic and musical, where anthropomor- phic creatures such as the Supanimal, who looks like a red panda, a fox and a bird, are used as allegories of his artistic point of view on our society, the music industry and the new technologies.

He composes graphic melodies and continues to explore the concept he’s named «Listen To My Picture», working in a wide range of mediums such as canvas, sculpture, tattoo, screen printing, laser cut, vinyl figures anv vinyl discs. He has also renewed the technique of circuit-board: quite similar to etching, circuit-board symbolizes the beginning of progress in the field of electronics. This contrast of age, nostalgia and advanced technology is omnipresent in SupaKitch’s work. Another technique has been added to his skills when in 2009 he met a renowned tattoo artist who introduced him to this technique.

SupaKitch first got known in the city of Montpellier, southern France, as a lea- ding figure of the local graffiti scene in the late ‘90s, until he relocated in New York in 2008 with his wife the artist Koralie. After a short career as a graphic de- signer in agencies, he became a full time, multi-facetted artist, fond of pictures, music and fashion (his brand Metroplastique that he founded with Koralie is a genuine «lifestyle» addition to his art). His deep commitment to music was recently enhanced by his collaboration with singer Emilie Simon (Universal) for whom he designed the whole graphic identity of her latest album «The Big Machine», creating an imaginary city on paper and in 3D.

After showing in New York, Miami, Taipei, Atlanta and Sao Paulo over the last two years, SupaKitch is finally coming back to France with his turntables, his brushes and «music for the eyes»*, for a exhibition-symphony rich in colors and fur...

Galerie LJ
12 rue Commines
FR-75003 Paris
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