October 08, 2011

SUPRA Presents The Stevie Williams Signature Vaider Collection

A collection of Vaiders marks the first signature footwear from Stevie Williams on SUPRA. There are three pairs, which will be released in succession over the next three months. The first edition provides the Vaider’s durable skate shoe design with an exquisite grey leather and dark grey suede upper. It features a signature embroidered tongue label, black pinstripes on white foxing, is lined with black visa terry, and comes with black waxed laces. The first edition of the Stevie Williams Vaider is now shipping to better skate retailers worldwide.

As an active professional skater, Stevie Williams has seen a lot in skateboarding and he has much to say on the subject. Stevie recently sat down with SUPRA to muse on the synthesis of skateboarding and, its antithesis, the business of skateboarding. The discussion arranged itself neatly into the shape of a Hegelian Dialectic: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. In this first segment, titled, “The Thesis,” Stevie touches on what skateboarding has meant to him.

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