October 07, 2011

TILT "Sex & Violence" Print at POW

Sex & Violence

Released on Columbus Day, this print is a celebration of the American Dream
- the sexy, violent, American Dream.

Columbus Day of course marks the achievements of an unrelenting self-promoting social climber who brought exploitation, slavery and deadly diseases to the Americas.

Tilt hails from Southern France where he was raised by his grandma after his young parents legged it from the Spanish Civil War. Having moved to New York he can usually be found daubing his art on hot naked girls and taking pictures. But with this image he’s created a wry swipe at the promised land whilst celebrating its invention of the classic bubble letterform.

A genius print.
Edition of 150 - $150
Order now, ships on Columbus Day

Pictures Onwalls
46 - 48 Commercial St
London E1 6LT
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