October 19, 2011

Upper Playground Presents: Tomer Hanuka "Overkill" Book

Tomer Hanuka

Upper Playground is releasing the newest book from illustrator Tomer Hanuka, "Overkill" along with two t-shirts from designed by the prolific artist.

Compressed visual narratives are Tomer Hanuka’s stock-in-trade and his ability to tell vast and vivid stories with single panes of artwork is nothing short of remarkable. He’s an illustrator by occupation, but his book covers, comics and editorial renderings transcend that title. In Overkill, he’s selected some of his most vividly drawn and intensely colorful work, juxtaposing intense imagery with a truly unique palette - filling the book's 104 pages with intricate tales told through illustrations.

Upper Playground is also re-releasing two tees from Tomer Hanuka coinciding with the release of the book, Pie-Axe and Birds.

"Overkill" features 85 detailed illustrations and measures 9.5" x 12.5" in hardcover. It is available now at the Upper Playground online store.
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