November 10, 2011

Augustine Kofie "Circulatory System" Solo show at White Walls SF

Augustine Kofie
Circulatory System

Opening Reception: November 12th, 2011, 7-11 pm
On View Through December 3, 2011

White Walls is pleased to present Circulatory System, the new collection of work by Los Angeles-based artist Augustine Kofie. This will be Kofie’s second solo show with White Walls, and will include 30 recent works including smaller collage case studies on paper, hand painted multiple screen prints, assemblage on wood, paintings on canvas and wood and a large wall installation. The opening reception will be Saturday, November 12th, from 7-11 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through December 3rd.

The works comprising Circulatory System feature a clean delineation of geometric forms and divisions of space with a technical precision that resembles architectural drafting. Kofie’s understanding of illustration and linework results in a style of meticulous rendering that never seems cold or sterile due to the delicate sense of balance maintained within each composition. The muted palette softens the sharp lines, and imparts a simple elegance to the complicated arrangements of shape.

The vintage-toned color scheme- the pale seafoam and mint greens of the sixties and the varying beige shades of worn paper- fit perfectly with the collage aspect of the work. Found imagery and ephemera are interwoven into many of the paintings, constructing a new way of looking upon fragments of the past.

Kofie uses a similar approach of artful combination, rearrangement and layering to create a soundtrack that will accompany the exhibition, reflecting the theme as well as setting the tone for the collection. The 40 minute soundtrack is not an itunes mix but what Kofie calls a true mix, meaning a well- collaged assemblage of original beats, pulled dialogue from various films and re-edited songs.

Soundtrack available to stream and download here.

White Walls Gallery
835 Larkin St,
San Francisco, CA
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