November 10, 2011

FINSTA "Stencils" exhibition at Gallery Steinsland Berliner


November 11 – December 2, 2011
Finsta is back with a new show!

World renowned pop artist Finsta gets under the skin of the observer in the exhibition Stencils, at GSB.

For the show Stencils, Swedish artist Finsta has created a series of posters using spray paint and stencils. The motifs in the exhibition are filled with pop cultural references and symbols and becomes a starting point for the observer to associate and use their own imagination. He believes in the idea that art can be quickly produced, easy to consume and open to all, without for that matter be of less quality. Using stencils makes it easy to reproduce the art, while the spray paint turnes every copy into a different and unique original. By using graffiti tools and methods and putting them in new contexts he creates a kind of art that feels familiar yet completely new.Finsta is motivated by a strong desire to be seen and to produce works that are available to the broad public. Through this he has created a distinctive and personal style that is easy to love and hard to forget. Thanks to a great amount of creativity and an easy going approach to art Finsta has had great success and is now one of the mot important figures in the new wave of European pop artists.

Unlike many other artists Finsta works as much in advertising and other commercial contexts as he does in galleries. For him, to be able to communicate through many various channels is a strength, and he has found a kind of symbiosis with the corporate world where he is always working on his own terms, and where companies benefit from appearing in his company.

GSB (Gallery Steinsland Berliner)
Bondegatan 70
11633 Stockholm, Sweden

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