November 29, 2011

JonOne "Throw Up" Blackrainbow Exhibition Recap + video

BKRW is proud to present its new project with John ‘JONONE’ Perello and French toy company ARTOYZ.

JonOne - founder of the All Starz 156 crew - was initially the only member in New York but he has lived and worked in Paris since the late ‘80s. Although JonOne was born in America his love for the city is obvious and can be seen in his artwork covering the walls and buildings of Paris.

In graffiti language his work is called ‘THROW UP’ (or FLOP). The THROW UP is a graphic evolution of letters that makes them more rounded, fuller. More generous.

The THROW UP exhibition is the result of a BKRW idea to develop JonOne’s work in a range of different mediums and begins with sculptures in vinyl and Plexiglas.

The THROW UP exhibition idea is not new - outdoor sculpture has been around for centuries - but it was never really explored by graffiti artists. The Throw Up exhibition aims to showcase and continue this evolution of his artistic work into 3D and sculpture.

Info an pictures via BKRW

BlackRainbow Paris
68 rue des archives
75003 Paris
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