November 17, 2011

Nelio and THTF collective TRANSITION Exhibition

An exhibition of Nelio and THTF collective

Nelio and the collective THTF (Supapouik and Pstolë) develop their artistic practice in both the street and in galleries. For this project, they will try to combine these two procedures. With an installation that will take shape in the gallery Saveurs Partagées and spread on the walls of the street Camille Jordan, they will try to create links between the closed space and public space.

The exhibition will also be a testing ground between the particular world of the artists. The aim will be to showcase their particularity and then build a homogeneous and uniform universe around the same thought.

From the 17/11/20011 to the 7/12/2011
Opening the 17th of november, at 6pm

Street Camille Jordan
69001 Lyon, France
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