November 02, 2011

Paste Modernism 3

Paste Modernism 3
November 4th - Dec 11th, 2011

Paste Modernism is Australia's largest Paste-Up Project ! Over 200 local and international artists will be contributing paste-ups onto over 150 square meters of wall space. Curated by Ben Frost.
Contributing artists include: Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Copyright, Dan Baldwin, Jeremyville, Nathan James, Ben Frost, Anthony Lister, Numskull, Yok, Tez, Pigeonboy...

The ‘Paste-Up’ is an ever-expanding and innovative form of street art, that involves an artist making their work onto varying sizes of paper and then applying it to walls and surfaces within their urban environment using wheat-paste or wallpaper glue.
Whether as black and white multiplied photocopies, colourfully hand painted murals or thought provoking text pieces, the ‘Paste-Up’ is an immediate and bold contemporary art-form.

Paste Modernism 3 will be held at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, as part of The Outpost Festival - Art From The Streets, opening November 4th and continuing until December 11th 2011.

Find out more about Paste Modernism here.

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