November 09, 2011

Terry Richardson "Mom & Dad" exhibition at Half Gallery

Terry Richardson
Mom & Dad

November 11—December 4, 2011
Reception: Friday, November 11, 6-8 p.m.

"My parents split up when I was four. It feels good for me to have them back together again, even if it's in a gallery and only for a little while. It's something I'm doing for me and in a way, for them." -Terry Richardson, 2011

Terry Richardson's "Mom & Dad" exhibition opens in New York at half gallery on 11/11/11 (celebrating the release of his new monograph from Morel Books). His late father Bob Richardson was a renowned fashion photographer and his mother Annie -- still alive and kicking it in Ojai, California -- a former Copacabana dancer, stylist and Jimi Hendrix paramour. Although they divorced when Terry was quite young, the couple are brought together again here in these touching, funny, sometimes desperate photographs. Mixing captured text and portraiture, this series doubles as an epistemological survey of one man's life in an attempt to reconcile his family of origin. The two-volume book launched at Colette in Paris late September.

Half Gallery
208 Forsyth St.
New York, NY 10002
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