November 10, 2011

UNGGA "Eleven Elva" show at Vinyl on Vinyl

Eleven Elva


8pm at Vinyl on Vinyl at The Collective

The Artist believes in effectively raising a level of social conscious and personal inquiry through usurping the power of mass media as a vehicle for awareness. The Artist chooses to speak to the psyche of our nations alienated youth, representing a generation in search of a new form of art.

Ungga started doing street art back in 2006 and have always been considered a creative individual, when he was taking his Masters degree in Fine Arts in University of Santo Tomas he was influenced by his classmate now known as Boyagimat, and started doing stickers and later on met Okto and Deformindustry. His first real devotion to the arts revealed itself during that time. His thirst for creation exploded after seeing graffiti art/street art emanate from movies and in the internet. Back in his college life, he mostly writes on his armchair and even when he goes to the comfort room, he usually writes something or draws in walls. Back then this form of art was not open to the society as they call it “vandalism.” The enormity of the works and the care of free expression of color displayed a means by which he could gain the attention that every teen is so desperately seeking. This form of “vandalism” which now he adds beauty on the word itself or as he call it urban beautification turns out as a colorful vibrant that attracts the community. This idea of searching for his identity through the use of markers and spray paint fueled his desire to follow in the footsteps of a graffiti artist/street artist.

He finds himself at a point in life where he is beginning to see through the spray paint haze. He now realizes that an artist's work should represent their soul. So, through the use of urban media techniques which until now is still learning and exploring for him, he found a new love for creating public art. He is attempting to bridge the gap between urban graffiti/street arts and traditional art here in the Philippines.

In almost every country, city graffiti and street art is present in many forms. Some artists choose the permanency of spray painted tags, throw-ups, installation art, and stenciled imagery, while others opt for the immediacy and aging characteristics of stickers and paste ups. Often times, these artists of the street will battle with each other for visibility on the same surfaces. Over time, the multiple transformations of these surfaces reveal an abstract maze of colors and composition that he sees as an opportunity. The opportunity to create something much greater than what meets the eye rather seeing those advertising billboards and political propagandas that manipulate our mind to buy the stuff or to vote for them or even give them the credit for the next election.

His vision is to create this form of art that the society will accept and be open minded to this form of art. White wall is their canvas. Streets that are filled with colors and characters to remind us of our culture. As feelings are evoked from the written words and the often emotionally charged imagery, he leaves on the streets a physical manifestation that builds to a point of overflow. Ultimately unleashing itself in a furor of uninhibited energy, where time and place become nonexistent. It is in this vitality that his artistic soul reveals itself and dances its way into a flurry of whirling paint and exploding spray paint cans and the smell of fumes.

UNGGA One man show 11.11.11 8pm onwards

Vinyl on Vinyl
The Collective Compound
7274 Malugay Street
Makati, Philippines
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