December 08, 2011

Daek William "Still Under The Influence" solo show at RTIST Gallery

Still Under The Influence

opens 7:30pm, Friday 9 December,
closes Friday 23rd December.

A composite mesh of graffiti, illustration, fantasy and photo-realism. Light and complex, with a hint of lustful attitude.

Still Under The Influence exhibits a new selection of pieces capturing Daek William’s world of influence and appreciation. Throughout his career, an obsession and fascination with the female form has been the strongest theme in Daek’s monstrous and detailed canvases. This new exhibition brings his classic work to view and enters into a new period for the artist.

“I wanted to show the world my appreciation of the geniuses that have pushed, pulled and influenced my own thoughts.” says Daek.

Using a unique style of laying origami crowns on the heads of his subjects, Daek new work depicts the artists who he admires and collaborates with. As the founding member of Last Chance studios in Perth, Daek works alongside names like Creepy, Kid Zoom and Yok . Daek’s deeply personal paintings take on the subject of the influential artist he admires, shares friendships with, and the stories that they have to convey.

“His new work is so f@#king amazing.” - Kid Zoom

Still Under The Influence will see Daek create his own play land within RTIST Gallery. Viewers can expect an experience filled with pink flamingos, BBQ’s, sand, lasers and dry ice. “This will be our last show for the year and were going out with bang”, says Jeremy Gaschk Head Curator RTIST Gallery.

Still Under The Influence opens 7:30pm, Friday the 9th December and runs until Friday 23rd December.

Dress Code Neat Casual Attire.

RTIST Gallery
29 St Edmonds Rd, Prahan
Melbourne Australia, 3181
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