December 08, 2011

Mighty Tanaka presents: Robots Will Kill & Friends!

Mighty Tanaka presents: Robots Will Kill & Friends

For over a decade, Chris and Veng of the highly iconic and influential street art collective Robots Will Kill have been plying their trade in NYC and cities around the world. During their travels and endeavors, they have met some wonderfully talented artists who come from a variety of artistic backgrounds. Robots Will Kill & Friends showcases an exciting mix of both established and emerging artists through a range of interpretation and mediums. This large group show offers a diverse insight into the world of Robots Will Kill!

Artists Include:

H. Veng Smith, Norm Morales, Michael (coallus) Banks, Downtimer, Mike Die, Vincent REGA, JesseRobot, NoseGo, Evoker, El Toro, SINNED, Becki Fuller, Luna Park, Christopher Rini, Joe Iurato, BURN353, SEE ONE, Shai Dahan, Joe Russo, Abe Lincoln Jr., Royce Bannon, olive47, Cake, KevRWK, Eric "Phoneticontrol" Broers, MCA/Evil Design, Shawn "ako" Whisenant, Lunartik, Disposable Hero.

The opening is December 9th from 6pm till 9pm

Mighty Tanaka
111 Front St, Suite 224,
Brooklyn NY, 11201
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