December 21, 2011

PETRO "When the shit hits the windmill" Solo exhibition at Unruly Gallery


Opens: Thursday 22 December 2011, 5pm - 8pm
On display for public: ONLY Friday 23 December 2011, 11pm - 19pm

Unruly Gallery presents: HIT BY THE WINDMILL. New work by British artist PETRO.

Following exhibitions in London, Milan, Helsinki, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Sydney in the last year, Unruly Gallery now proudly presents the phenomenon PETRO. On Thursday the 22nd of December a pre-Christmas exhibition will be held at the gallery. For public, the work will be on display only on Friday the 23rd.

After gaining fame as a notorious worldwide graffiti writer, PETRO stunned the graffiti world with his unique, nostalgic and naïve early-eighties mentality. He then took this approach to the art world. His unhealthy obsessions for all things peculiar, involving childhood drawings, graffiti, Ralph Lauren, the lost and found, pattern repetition and biscuits, have become a major part of his work.

His back-to-the-basics method can be seen as a reaction to fundamental questions in the art world like ‘what still counts as art’? After the demise of the rather hard to grasp modernistic era, the attendance of post modernistic art such as pop-art raised questions considering the essentials of art. PETRO took this, with his childlike drawings, dazzling installations and weird costumes to the next level. His work is filled with post modernistic references and pushes the boundaries of art itself.

As a homeless nomad PETRO’s shows are usually overwhelmed with references to the country or city in which he exhibits at the moment. His work is often a direct response to his ever-changing surroundings: where he is, he creates. This makes every show a unique happening. Staying true to his particular art-ethos each show he does functions as a fund for the next one – every time in a different country.

Unruly Gallery
Cliffordstraat 26
1051 GT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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