December 14, 2011

QUATORZEAUM Group show at RV Cultura e Arte


Group show at RV Cultura e Arte presents pieces by 14 artists in the same plataform.

"I've trapped 14 artists that work with different concepts, in 14 cells of the same size" - that's how Dimas Forchetti, visual artist and first-time curator, together with the gallery RV Cultuta e Arte, stars his explanation.

According to Dimas, it all started with a bar talk, in august, that unfolded to this joint venture of inviting artists with different backgrounds to be part of the project. They are brazilians Fernando Chamarelli, Rômolo, Jorge Galvão, Mariana Abasolo, RÙmolo, Julian Gallash, Túlio Carapiá, Pedro Marighella, Thiago Toes and Dimas Forchetti; argentines Federico Lamas and Pulpo (Fernando HereÒu): portugueses Akacorleone and Kruela d'Enfer; and even the romanian Saddo (Raul Oprea).

The cells to which Dimas reffers are A1 (70x100cm) pieces of paper, where each artist produced a different work. There were no limits regarding technique - Rômolo, Galvão and Mariana did some collage, while Túlio used screen printing, but the cohesiveness of the show lays at the languages that provide ispiration to the works, such as comics, rock'n'roll and urban culture.

To gallery owners Larissa Martina and Ilan Iglesias, the team of QUATORZEAUM will show to their public a panoramic view of the courrant "newbrow" moviment, popping up all over the world and that has presented names such as Camile Rose Garcia, Shag and many others.

QUATORZEAUM opens december 16th, at RV Cultura e Arte, and can be visited till february 11th of 2012. All the pieces will be for sale.

OPENING NIGHT: 12/16/2011 at 19hs
visits through 02/11/2012

text by Júlia Bolliger


RV Cultura e Arte
Rua Barro Vermelho 32,
Rio Vermelho. Salvador,
Bahia - Brazil
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