December 04, 2011

René Garcia Jr. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" solo exhibition at Project One Gallery

Project One Gallery presents:

"Satisfaction Guaranteed"
Art Novelties by René Garcia, Jr.

December 6th, 2011 - February 2012
Opening reception: Tuesday, December 6th 7pm-late

Strap on your X-ray glasses, collect your proofs-of-purchase, and sneak a peek behind the beaded curtain as we delve into a world of mail order fantasy, groovy gimmicks and candy coated novelties with René Garcia, Jr. Inspired by vintage classifieds and flagrantly sexual marketing tricks, “Satisfaction Guaranteed” explores oft empty promises of fantasy fulfillment and other guilty pleasures. We are all suckers for fantasy and knowing it’s a fallacy doesn’t lessen its appeal.

By employing familiar, craft based techniques, René invites an immediate connection to his work through shared experience. That everyone, at some point in their lives, has made something fun with a little Elmer’s glue and glitter is the foundation upon which he expands his art. Employing a heavy dose of optimism and a penchant for badassery, René exploits proven gimmicks in an earnest attempt to dazzle. In a culture where reproduction is easy and accessible, he makes meticulously handcrafted work that is deliberately unique by design. His work demands interface and panders to the viewer. You might want to touch it. You may even want to lick it.

René Garcia, Jr. is a full-time artist, father, idea man and all around bon vivant. As his work continues to gain popularity throughout the universe, San Francisco remains his home and primary source of inspiration. He has been a resident artist with Project One since its inception.

"The Glitter Wizard"


Project One Gallery
251 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA.
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