December 10, 2011

SABICHÃO Exhibition at Galeria Dama Aflita


Opening Saturday, December 10th, 5 pm
December 10, 2011 - January 14, 2012

Part of the collective will do the following illustrators:

Akacorleone, Bernardo Carvalho, Bráulio Amado, Célia Esteves, Craig Atkinson, David Robles, João Drumond, José Feitor, Júlio Dolbeth, Kruela D'Enfer, Luis Urculo, Madalena Matoso, Maria Imaginário, Marta Monteiro, Min, Nuno Sousa, Oker, Paulo Patrício, Rui Tenreiro, Rui Vitorino Santos, Salão Coboi, Sebastião Peixoto, Yara Kono, Wasted Rita e Zé Burnay.

Back in the 70's Santa brought us a surprise accompanied by a letter that said.

"My dear friend:

This game that the brand "MAJORA" brings to you is very funny, entertaining and instructive. To play you must, first, read the eight lessons of this book, and learn what is taught in these lessons, and only after that you will be able to answer questions without a failure.

All answers are in the book and therefore can not go wrong. But not worth cheating. Not worth going to the book in search of answers to the questions. First we study the lesson very well and only then we must respond. Even because in the lessons that are taught you will find many useful or interesting things that the game do not ask.

The last two lessons, "Art and Artists" and "Portuguese literature" were made especially for the older ones, the others are for everyone, kids and grown "


It was with this letter that a generation of Portuguese got enchanted with the magic of a character who, without knowing how, got all the answers. This was the theme for this exhibition. We challenged 25 authors to rethink this game at his 50th anniversary.

Congratulations SABICHÃO

After the opening we'll party at Passos Manuel, with Bingo taked care by Hang_The_Dj + Tam.

Galeria Dama Aflita
Rua da Picaria, 84
4050-477 Porto,
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