December 07, 2011

TikKa "Journey to the Fairyland" Solo Exhibition at New Gallery on Old Bailey

Journey to the Fairyland

Exhibition Period : 7 Dec, 2011 - 4 Feb, 2012
Opening Reception : 9 Dec, 2011 7 -­ 9 pm

Following the artist’s debut art show in 2009 and the success of “Journey to the Soul” last year, New Gallery on Old Bailey is pleased to present a new exhibition by local artist TikKa, “Journey to the Fairyland”, which will mark the artist’s third solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

TikKa’s work displays a seemingly pictorial style of manga and anime, which has long been permeating into Hong Kong’s pop culture. The vibrant colors of the cartoon characters and the surroundings also help create an atmosphere of utter artificiality. Yet, Chinese fables and folktales have been the primary source of TikKa’s inspiration. Those myths are often told by parents of young children. TikKa yearns to recreate something with the eyes of children to evoke viewers’ childhood memories and fantasies towards the world.

This exhibition brings together over 30 recent works from the “Journey” series, which is the result of more than two years of effort. The new works put a colorful spin on legendary characters from Western and Chinese parables and fairy tales.

TikKa’s creation is playfully engaging and is a delight to all ages. We cordially invite you to explore TikKa’s wonderland. Be prepared to be bedazzled by the kaleidoscopic range!

New Gallery on Old Bailey
G/F & Basement,
17 Old Bailey Street,
Soho, Central, Hong Kong

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