December 15, 2011

Vincent Abadie Hafez "Inside Job" at David Bloch Gallery

Vincent Abadie Hafez
Inside Job

December, 15 2011 – January, 15 2012

David Bloch Gallery Casablanca presents the solo exhibition of Vincent Abadie Hafez from December 15, 2011 to January 15, 2012 which will included new works on canvas, paper and metal.

The opening will take place thursday December 15, in the presence of the artist.


Cosmopolitan, the work of Vincent Abadie Hafez is the result of crossbreeding of several cultures.

By 1988 under the pseudonym Zepha that he invests in the graffiti movement. It is a suburb of Paris that he began to impose his name and his team,since he will not stop… He take place of public space and hustles certain visual habits:

Just like a word written on the sand, his art is ephemeral and accessible to all.

Vincent Abadie Hafez developed a visual language and a universe in which intersect the craftsmanship of ancient civilizations, the movement of free Figuration, Abstraction lyrical and street art. Aesthetics at the intersection of two worlds, ancient and modern, revealing a balance of instinctive feature and reflected composition in which the cosmic space collide with the small infinitely.

The hybrid configurations reveal various aspects, mixing mediums and crossbreeding techniques… Giving Anthropomorphic totems in two dimensions, worn by erosion on which appear traces, signs and symbols calligraphic. A breath graphic composed of wild forms inhabited of a rebellious energy, which highlights an inherent order to balance the universe, and reflected even in a supposed chaos.

Contrasts, oppositions and complementarity enrich a production of works produced in multiple formats, worn by time, memory carriers, the result of a questioning of this world seem to forget the very principles of its existence…

David Bloch Gallery
45 bvd Ghandi – résidence Yasmine – N°46
20100 Casablanca
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