January 17, 2012

Adios #4 - Group show at Alice Gallery

Adios #4
Group show curated by Konsta Ojala & Timo Vaittinen

Exhibition: 19.01.2012 > 17.02.2012

Vernissage: 19.01.2012 - 6 > 9 pm
Live at 7 pm: Snake & Plissken / acoustic country & blues

Artists: Nadine Byrne (SWE), Troels Carlssen (DNK), Ragnar Jonasson (ISL), Janne Martola (FIN), Konsta Ojala (FIN), Danilo Stankovic (SWE), Erik Tidemann (NOR), Timo Vaittinen (FIN), Ville-Veikko Viikilä (FIN), Arvid Wretman (SWE)

The exhibition celebrates the release of the book Adios # 4 presenting artworks from 10 Nordic artists that share a common interest in the visual innovations of alternative lifestyles and socio-political revolution started in the late 1960's. The promise of a utopian evolution in human consciousness and dismantling of old values and institutions gave birth to new forms of visual thinking.

This visual language of the revolution has roots in youth and counter cultures, but has developed, transformed and adapted through times into various fields in life.
For the generation of artists presented in Adios # 4 the revolution of the Age of Aquarius is taken for granted. These artists use this visual language as a reference to expose conceptual ideas or as an aesthetical aid for self-expression. The revolutionary aspect of the 60's youth subcultures seems to be missing; the same kind of rebellion and promise of a better future is no longer there. Adios # 4 exposes the Nordic aspect of this global phenomenon and brings together young artists that celebrate the visual innovations of the psychedelic rebellion and its mutated offsprings.

"The works in Adios #4 are pictures of things that shouldn’t exist. This body of works – a consistent statement of what can perhaps be called an art after the psychedelic – are not products of psychedelia’s idealistic tenets of the harmonious peace and love variety. "

Lars Bang Larsen -Contributor to Afterall, Artforum International, Frieze and Springerin

The exhibition celebrates the release of the book Adios # 4
presenting artworks from 10 Nordic artists

Adios is a series of publications that present art as an alternative way of doing, experiencing and living. Based on images from selected artists with special attention towards detail in graphic design and quality of the printed matter. Adios is not a commercial product in character but rather a product of love for the arts and book as a medium.

Edited by Finnish artists Konsta Ojala and Timo Vaittinen

Alice Gallery
4 rue du pays de Liège
1000 Brussels Belgium
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