January 11, 2012

Bad Teeth Comics x DonutChocula

Hi Glenn!
Tell me about yourself.

My name is Glenn Manders, and I produce artwork, zines, clothing and other things under the name Bad Teeth. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I love to eat fast food so much that I hadto make a comic strip featuring a character with a burger head named Cheese.

How long have you been creating comic strips?

The Bad Teeth strips have been running since 2005.. About 6 years now. Ahh nuts I forgot to do something for the 5th year anniversary! Gotta make 10 years extra special then!

How did you get involved in comic strips?

I printed up a zine in 2005 and sent it to an Australian music newspaper/street press called Rave. The editor really dug the book and offered me a weekly comic strip spot on page 3!

What was your first comic?

I grew up drawing Marvel superheroes and looking upto super detailed guys like Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri, so my first comic was an A5, 30 page fight between 2 crazy creatures. I spent about 2 months during our summer Christmas break drawing it.. setting a goal of a page per day. I remember watching The Shining tv mini-series during the process a couple of times. I might put it up on the Bad Teeth blog one day...

You got a quite unique illustration style, your characters have some pretty recognizable characteristics. When and how did you develop this style? How would you describe it?

It's grown over the past 6 years and continues to evolve. Subtle little things like size of eyes, spacing of features and even the stitching on shirts are very specific and have formulas to them. They look fairly simple but I have carried alot of my technical habits into these characters from when I was drawing crazy superhero scenes with precise cross-hatching and anatomy.

Tell us about your characters and guests.

The main characters are Buddy, Cheese, and Larry. Buddy is pretty much the straight guy, Cheese is the obnoxious guy and Larry is a bit of a jerk. There have been a bunch of special guests throughout the years.. Tux Dog, Mr. Hankey and Calvin to name a few. There's also a bunch of new characters that will be popping up in the Bad Teeth strips really soon..

How would you describe your daily workflow?

I wake up, check blogs, eat a little breakfast.. Then its time to get down to business. Maybe throw in a set of tennis or a movie in the afternoon and that's about it!

Thanks Glenn!

Stay tuned for the next comic strip for DonutChocula and stay informed for more Art and fun at Bad Teeth Comics
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