January 24, 2012

CLOT x Bearbrick 1000% 3 Eyed Mickey


"In the world of BE@RBRICK, it was believed that every January is the time when all BE@RBRICK gathered at a mysterious place for a party, hosted by none other than Mickey! This year, Mickey took upon himself with the task of preparation all the delicious food and his strawberry cake is a stable and favorite dish!

On the day of the party, all guests arrived and started enjoying themselves with the delicious food and playing poker while Mickey was still busy preparing his signature strawberry cake. While taking out the baked cake out of the oven, Mickey realized he had forgotten about the strawberry! He immediately rushed to the market and found a bunch of fresh sweet strawberry. Mickey, being overjoyed, did not realize that the strawberry was magical and transformed him into 3 Eyed Mickey. He rushed back to the party and shocked his guests with his transformation without knowing it. He quickly put the strawberry onto the cake, hoping his guests could enjoy the delicious strawberry cake as soon as possible! When he was done, all the BE@RBRICK shouted: "THANK YOU 3 EYED MICKEY!" It was then that he realized that he had become 3 EYED MICKEY!"

Launch Date:27th Jan 2012
Retail price:HK$3200

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