January 26, 2012

Eledu & J.Loca "Animalocalypsis now" exhibition at Montana Gallery

Eledu & J.Loca

Opening: Thursday 26 January, 7:30pm
Exhibition January 27 to February 25, 2012.

“Beneath the immanent threat of the end of the world, this pair of writers, rescued from the depths, bring us ANIMALOCALYPSIS NOW. An intimate and uninhibited examination, with psychedelic hints, of signs and signals, monsters and icons, which lie in wait for us in this reality, all the time more and more unreal. This is a reality filtered by the feverish mind of these old school players from the Barcelona scene. This is pure Chinatown, or some sort of cross between Funkadelic – Grateful Dead – Black Sabbath… but with graffiti; this is the S.R. Collective in full effect.

They boldly create impossible combinations of a broad range of colors, giving emphasis to the range within the ‘happy life’. A multitude of forms and intense environments converge in this collection of explosive canvases, where the hexagon (as the most repetitive form in nature, which maximizes the space) and the powerful outline (which hits you with force) behave as the guiding principle. Indispensable reference points for understanding the evolution of wall graffiti in Barcelona city, and irrefutable proof of the ending of an era. Amazing…”

Dr.William Bell, Massive Dynamic, New York.

There will be extra cold beer and super dope tracks mixed by Ricky AKA (Impulso Bioelectrico) & El Abel (Galleta Records).

Montana Gallery
Carrer del Comerç 6,

08003 Barcelona, Spain
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