January 29, 2012

Frank151 Chapter 47 by Mr. A

Frank Chapter 47: Mr. A

André Saraiva, known to many simply as André, began writing graffiti in and around Paris in the 1980s. With a unique style and vibrant color palette, he helped to invigorate the early street-art scene. André’s mark is “Mr. A”—a top-hatted, cheshire-cat-mouthed stick figure. His work eventually carried him to a level that merited an appearance in the widely acclaimed 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

André’s raw yet debonair persona has now become the base of a global empire. Aside from collaborations with countless “in-demand” brands, he has opened Le Baron nightclubs in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and London, where The New York Times claims his door policy has “rearranged the sociopolitical map of destination desire and mobilized a new class of bohemian jet-setters.”

As guest curator of Chapter 47, André has created content with close friends and collaborators, including Ed Banger, Kitsune, Daft Punk, Gaspard Noe, Justice, and Chapiron.

Free now at Frank151 stockists across the U.S., coming soon to Frank151.com.
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