January 30, 2012

Gage Hamilton, Zach Yarrington and Stephan Alexandr "Faux Money, Faux Problems" at FIFTY24PDX Gallery

FIFTY 24PDX Gallery is proud to present


In Faux Money, Faux Problems, Gage Hamilton, Zach Yarrington and Stephan Alexandr work with FIFTY24PDX Gallery to create a concept show in response to the current financial climate. Gage questions the legitimacy of our financial institutions and our relationships with money through re-created scenes from The Alexander Hamilton Project peppered with reactions to the ensuing Occupy controversy, while Zach searches for a utilitarian alternative to the disheartening state of American politics, and Stephan poses a unique question of commodity value.

Faux Money, Faux Problems opens First Thursday, February 2nd from 6:00-10:00pm. All artists will be in attendance. SHK THT will be pumping party jams, and our friends from Gorilla Meats Co. and Red Hook will fill your belly with delicious artisanal meats and seasonal beers. The show runs through March 29th, 2012.

Gage Hamilton was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and received his BFA in Digital Arts / New Media along with a degree in Political Science from University of Oregon. With a notable history of social commentary through street installation work, his practice focuses on the triangular influence of money, sex and media on contemporary American culture.

Zach Yarrington grew up outside of Detroit before heading to Oregon in 2005 where he received his BFA in Digital Arts / New Media at University of Oregon. With his strong affinity for hand-drawn type, he finds inspiration in the rustic signage of a blue collar American city, the Pacific Northwest landscape, and his love of post-punx lyrics.

Stephan Alexandr was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. His fascination with materials can be seen in his work as Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sticks & Stones Accessories in which he pairs exotic woods, prehistoric ivories, and fossils with precious metals and stones.

FIFTY24PDX Gallery
23 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209
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