January 26, 2012

Sam Mould "Folded Plateaus" exhibition at New Gallery London

Sam Mould
Folded Plateaus

27 January 2012 – 10 February 2012
Private View: 27 January 6pm

NewGallery is pleased to present the fifth exhibition in a series showcasing emerging abstract painters. Folded Plateaus is an exciting series of work produced by London-based artist, Sam Mould a current MA student at The Slade School of Fine Art after graduating from Camberwell BA Painting in 2010.

Folded Plateaus is a series of work that derives from the process of de-constructing and re-uniting surfaces. Mould is interested in the process of logical decision-making during the act of painting, a process that does not involve any pre-conceived notions of the final outcome, instead it derives from the artist’s reaction to the materials at hand, moving from one specific decision to the next.

The juxtaposition of works within the space allows them to engage with their environment, mapping the surroundings in relation to the paintings themselves as objects, subsequently raising questions about how the ideas of time, form, and space can collate through the practice of image making.

The works in this exhibition are presented as both separate individuals, and as a whole, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the boundaries between painting, sculpture and installation.

Curated by Bayly Shelton and Sophia Starling

New Gallery London
Pelican house
92 Peckham Road
SE15 5PY
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