January 27, 2012

Taken by a vandal trailer 2

Taken by a vandal
Available on DVD 15th February

More Info: www.takenbyavandal.com

graffiti - the dynamic, controversial art of the act of doing: adrenalin-rush bursting improvisation and conscience-proof routine, either with precise worked stencils or fire drenchers filled up with paint.

Taken by a vandal gives new access to the excitement of this form of art.
filmed in 3d-technique and from the ego perspective, 18 clips show actions of selected artists.

Graffiti seen as through the eyes of the artist.

The Vandals

Agit / Becky & Stace / Creme / Debil / Faxr / Fluid / Geier / Krek
Limp.h / Metal / Most / Nice / Nyo / Samsn / Syro / Taps / Truth / Zay
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