February 22, 2012

Chrissie Abbott "Reflections of Alternate Dimensions" exhibition at DreamBagsJaguarShoes

Reflections of Alternate Dimensions
A New Exhibition by CHRISSIE ABBOTT

Exhibition: 23rd March - 28th May 2012
Private View: Thursday 22nd March 2012 - 7pm til late

For her latest installation illustrator Chrissie Abbott utilises modern technology to create interactive interior landscapes.

The show features interactive artworks built around the concept of an infinity mirror; this simple process creates a curious psychedelic effect and can be simulated using video, projection or any light source.

Featuring a series of films projected and reflected to form a giant two story moving tapestry, this backdrop houses a series of video feedback and traditional infinity mirrors to present inward facing portals, filling the space with beautiful rippling illustrations.

JaguarShoes Collective collaborate with Chrissie to create a variety of innovative products and external projects. We are very excited to announce that in March 2012 she will return to our flagship venue DreamBagsJaguarShoes for this large solo exhibition.

Chrissie Abbott

In both physical and digital media Chrissie’s work is most often characterised by collaged imaginings, which, in vivid Technicolor, utilise pattern and found images to create a uniquely delicate and fragile aesthetic that often touches on themes of nature and humanism. Her work recalls cult psychedelic artists such as Roger Law and 70’s typographer Roger Dean, but still remains uniquely hers.

Chrissie Abbott first exhibited as part of JaguarShoes Collective in 2008 at the Old Shoreditch Station, since then she has achieved huge international acclaim, producing commercial work an array of clients including Virgin, Orange, MTV, Nike, Nylon, The Barbican and The New York Times as well for musical acts such as, Little Boots, Patrick Wolf, Witch and Silver Apples. Her distinctive style of work provoked a c-change in illustration and her style, now much emulated has become intrinsic to the fabric of modern day design.

Product Launch

JaguarShoes Collective is proud to present the forthcoming NEW LIMITED EDITION 12" PLATE to accompany the bestselling 'Cat' Pint Mug.

Chrissie's products, including clothing, prints and homewares are available to purchase from DreamBags JaguarShoes, no-one boutique and online here.

32-36 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DA
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