February 24, 2012

Francesco Deiana and Lafe Harley Eaves "More Light" exhibition at Park Life Gallery

More Light
Francesco Deiana and Lafe Harley Eaves

Opening reception Friday, February 24th, 2012, from 7-10pm
Show runs though March 25th, 2012

More Light features the work of two young artists that currently call San Francisco their home. Both artists employ graphite, ink and mixed media on paper to illustrate abstract representations of varying themes that include socialization, behavior barriers, society and our relationship to the natural world.

Lafe Harley Eaves lives and works in San Francisco. His work focuses on abstraction and the psychedelic. Using graphite, ink, collage and paper he employs meticulous lines and patterns to create narratives that reference the occult, mortality, social interactions, and refracted light. The more literal elements of these themes (trees, pyramids, lines, light) come together to form compositions that allow the viewer subtle insight into the artists psyche.

Francesco Igory Deiana was born in Milan, Italy and lives and works in San Francisco. Known for his large probing ball point pen drawings on paper, his pursuit bounds together the connections between man, nature and the social system we're living in. His masks metaphorically represent the mental and behavioral barriers that civil society imposes to us, causing a condition of stress and frustration that is at odds with the primordial emotions generated by the nature, regulated by spontaneity and pure instinct.

Park Life Gallery
220 Clement St
SF CA 94118
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