February 07, 2012

Kottie Paloma vs. Dorothée Van Biesen at The Bries Space

Kottie Paloma vs. Dorothée Van Biesen

Friday 10th February from 20h til 24h: opening night.
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February open from 12h til 18h.

Kottie and Dorothée will be present!

Kottie Paloma (US, 1974) is an artist who delves into the ridiculousness of life. In his paintings, drawings, books and sculptures, he explores the darker sides of society such as guns, drugs, poverty and relationships gone badly in a comic yet poignant and gritty manner. A lot of the text in his work is taken from real life. Walking down a city street and overhearing the public conversations of passerby feed his art.

Dorothée van Biesen (BE, 1980) is an embroidery artist. She has a preference for the un-sweet, for that which normally speaking stays below the surface. Human intestines, bones, vascular systems and cell structures, but also submarines and weapons that are sold under the counter. Van Biesen makes the invisible visible. Van Biesen also zooms in on socially relevant matters.

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The Bries Space
Lange Scholiersstraat 10
2060 Antwerpen
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