February 14, 2012

Mark Bode "Bode in Oz" exhibition at House Of Bricks

Mark Bode
Bode in Oz

Opening Saturday 18th February 6-9pm
Running from the 19th Feb - 4th March

For two generations Mark and his father Vaughn Bode have forged an artistic legacy that has had a profound effect on graffiti, street art and underground comics.

In the mid seventies, the iconoclastic Vaughn Bode's comic book characters, particularly Cheech Wizard resonated so closely with the revolutionary spirit of pioneering graffiti artist that these characters were adopted as the mascots of the movement, becoming the first used in graffiti.

In recent years Mark Bode, an accomplished graffiti artist, tattooist, illustrator and writer, has stretched the horizons of the Bode universe beyond imagination, creating several cult classic comics, perhaps the best known being Colbalt 60, which is currently slated by Zack Snyder for a live action film.

Bode is also something of a nexus for the world street art and graffiti art scene, the heir to the first graffiti characters, a genuinely positive visionary and a backbone of the community he has painted murals around the globe with an extended family consisting of the most respected graffiti and street artists.

For "Bode in Oz", In February Mark Bode will be taking a 2 week tour of Melbourne and Sydney, painting murals with Australian artists and exhibiting a collection of original work along with the performance of a Cartoon Concert in both cities.

Cartoon Concert starts 8pm

House Of Bricks
40 Budd St, Collingwood
VIC, 3066 Australia
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