February 14, 2012

Michael Petow & Chris Petersen "Kill ‘Em With Kindness" at Ironlak LA

Michael Petow & Chris Petersen
Kill ‘Em With Kindness

February 18th - March 18th

Opening Reception: February 18th 2012 | 7 - 11 PM

Kill ‘Em With Kindness is a philosophy. It is a way to live your life, a profound expression of individuality and a reaction to the cruelness of the cold world that surrounds us. A wormhole to the past and a jump to new heights of the imagination, killing them not with savagery but with the warmth and profundities of the human heart. This concept was the starting point for Michael Petow & Chris Petersen’s upcoming artshow at Ironlak LA. Based on conversations between the two friends and fellow artists, they have created a body of work built around their experiences and philosophies on life.

Chris Petersen has created a new series of work fusing techniques from the engraving masters of the past with those of contemporary street artists. Inspired by the indelible window "scribes" that thrive in Los Angeles, he uses the raw technique of carving into glass to push the medium to its breaking point. Chris brings his own style and flavor of imagery into the mix, showing a brief glimpse into the visions of his psyche. His work allows a second glance at the fleeting images which melt into our subconscious on a daily basis.

Michael Petow’s recent series of work for Kill ‘Em With Kindness fuses his past work of organic abstract patterns with universal messages from his personal dreamscapes. His work is influenced by the psychological theories of Carl Jung and communication with the unconscious mind. Mike’s new body of work gives the viewer a deeper insight into the nature of his reality. His highly intricate and detailed paintings use patterns and messages weaving together to form nebula like compositions. There is a visible connection with his past body of work but this series breaks the boundaries of what his art was, redefining what it is.

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Ironlak LA
5125 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90027
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