February 10, 2012

Morten Hemmingsen "FRAGILE" solo show at MOHS exhibit


10.02. - 10.03. 2012

Opening February 10th
16:00 - 21:00

For the show FRAGILE Morten Hemmingsen presents various sculptures that physically captures the contours of every-day objects, but due to the fact that they are painted in white and blue, creates a simplified, and ceramic expression. The objects’ usability and practicality in FRAGILE has been abandoned and has literally been cut off and instead become representations, a kind of simplified image on the actual things that may, in an interconnection between the various objects, contain more than meets the eye, which may be enhanced in the exhibition’s title. The objects we are met with in Hemmingsen’s show, suggests a parallel between the basic everyday things, their usability and disposal, and how life meets us with duality – excitement and triviality, satisfaction and disappointment, irony and dryness, fragments and wholes and how everything, eventually, has an expiration date. With FRAGILE Hemmingsen captures his way of working with the simple and humoristic expression and at the same time hinting that there might be something more beneath the surface. Even though FRAGILE contains very few words, compared to many of Hemmingsens previous works, this exhibition’s non-verbal way of approach, gives the spectator even greater freedom to bind together the fragments given.

MOHS exhibit
Sdr. Boulevard 98
DK-1720 Copenhagen V
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