February 10, 2012

ODÖ & Niark1 "Ladder of Souls" exhibition at MOHS exhibit

ODÖ & Niark1
Ladder of Souls

10.02. - 10.03. 2012

Opening friday 10. Feb.
16:00 - 21:00

Ardent in the details, Odö creates his artworks on paper and canvases. Whether he’s using watercolor, pen & ink or acrylic the work is meticulous. From southwestern France, Odö draws inspiration from the realm of tattoos and that of maritime life (his grandfather and great-grandfather were sailors) he is also inspired by the Pop Surrealist movement which he reveres, and by Street Art, which he discovered through graffiti in his youth. His artworks are relatively small but incredibly rich in precision and symbolism.

His big productivity , all the more remarkable given the time , he devotes to each piece. Is not fuelled by the search for fame, but rather his desire to work, and his need to explore each, and every idea that crosses his mind. Time is no object, each time he picks up his pen, it is a labor of love. As he modestly explains, « I’m not someone who believes that being a good drawer or painter is a gift. It is certainly a potential , but it demands a lot of will and an enormous amount of work in order to evolve and thus reach a good level of skill. To keep on painting and drawing, exhibiting exposer, evolving… To never get bored with what I do. ” . At a time when the star system and vacuity are invading the art world, this sort of manifesto is a welcome perspective. Especially coming from such a talented artist.

Niark1 whose real name is Sebastian FERAUT lives and works in Paris, France.
Illustrator and painter, he will present at the exhibition his recent painting artworks on paper and canvas. 
His universe filled with strange creatures from his imagination, kind of mystical entities progressing through a surreal world, sometimes dark and disturbing though composed of multiple colors, gives us the feeling of having to do in our own image, a reflection of our fears and our doubts and the world in which we live.

His graphic style is very personal artistic movement inspired by various such as surrealism, street art, cubism and symbolism with influences "cartoon" and "graphics". Mixture that can be found in each piece through his compositions in which he manages to combine different textures, mood colors, typography and using various techniques and tools.

MOHS exhibit
Sdr. Boulevard 98,
1720 København, Denmark
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