February 22, 2012

Oliver Vernon "Tilt" exhibition at David B. Smith Gallery

Oliver Vernon

February 24 - March 24

Opening reception this Friday, February 24 from 7 - 9 pm
Free and open to the public

The David B. Smith Gallery is pleased to welcome Oliver Vernon back to Denver for his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Tilt. This exhibition of new, primarily large-scale works, presents the very best of the artist's style and imagination, revealing new levels of intensity in Vernon's approach, with a result that is bold, provocative and complex. Please join us on Friday, February 24 from 7 - 9 pm, for an opening reception with the artist. Tilt will run through March 24th.

Each work in the show contains layered components wrought from Vernon's colorful vision. As a viewer observes these new paintings, shapes and images evolve and expand, with the shifting spatial contexts altering the viewer's perception of form and scale; there is no destination other than transition. Vernon creates transitory worlds in which his explosive use of color and form renders familiar geometric, natural, cosmological, and architectural elements otherworldly. The bold, fractured composition and dense colors are Vernon's signature: a conceptual approach which is highly personal and that references a wide span of inspirational sources.

Following a move from Brooklyn to Grass Valley, California, Vernon's interest in incorporating a natural vocabulary into his paintings has deepened with his changing surroundings. Glimpses of distant landscapes amid biomorphic, abstract forms characterize Vernon's exploration of the complex visuals of the natural world. Drawing inspiration from early surrealists such as Miró, Matta and Ernst, and painters of the mid-20th century, including Motherwell, Kline, Pollack, Mitchell, and de Kooning, Vernon's modernist inspirations present in his work yield novel, fantastic possibilities.

Vernon develops his compositions intuitively—form suggests itself and the painting follows. "Painting is like chess," he says, "Each move is informed by the previous, and opens a new range of possibilities." Each work is a mystery, a symphonic blend of techniques and visual impulses. Each composition explores opposing forces—the dichotomy of deconstruction/reconstruction, of good/evil, of logic/illogic, or physical/metaphysical. In these works, Vernon continues his investigation of these contradictions with injections of partial memory and invention. As he weaves these elemental forces together, imposing a human design on chaos and confusion, the viewer is challenged to interpret the complex connections and relationships underlying Vernon's depicted reality.

David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202
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