February 29, 2012

Petro "Beg, Borrow and Steal" exhibition at Galleries Goldstein

Beg, Borrow and Steal

Opening March 1st, 6.30 – 9.30pm
Runs until March 10th

Galleries Goldstein is pleased to present ‘Beg, Borrow and Steal’, an exhibition of new work by the renowned Graffiti writer, Petro.

Petro’s work is characterised by its endless experimentation with letter formation, a sometimes naive and often nostalgic early eighties aesthetic and a constant drive to subvert the laws of the alphabet and even Graffiti. His endless search is for the perfect expressive solution.

His letterworks are often aided by the inclusion of found objects to construct a personal narrative. The result is works which fall somewhere between artefact and installation through an arresting blend of cultural references and idiosyncratic obsessions.

In Petro’s hands, graffiti interrogates the boundary between aesthetics and meaning, creating works which are at once striking and absorbing. There is a very deep commitment to a tradition of Graffiti writing, which is evident in the adoption of specific styles and in the attempt to push the limits of these styles. Petro takes the core of Graffiti as self-expression to its logical extreme by embedding in the work his own journey of self-discovery. Ralph Lauren, childhood fantasies, from BMX to eighties Hip Hop, showing off and manic collecting are the cornerstones of Petro’s identity, which are weaved into his work.

For Petro, Graffiti is not art, or not only art, nor is it an idle hobby – it is a lifestyle, a way of being and carving out a place in the world. Through relentless movement from one place to the next and continual repetition, Petro makes work wherever he is, responding to his environment, creating yet another portrait of his vivacious self. His lifelong wandering has now brought him back to London, where his familiar blend of restless energy and obsession have been put to work on a new show of his gloriously nostalgic and yet highly contemporary Graffiti. The work is a response to his surroundings, but a deeply obsessive personal response.

In this show, Petro presents his very own Ralph Lauren collection in which he reproduced specific styles and sports objects as a homage to his favourite garments, as well as a collection of new Graffiti works on paper.

Daniel Barnes

Galleries Goldstein at Goodhood
Goodhood Workshops, 20 Coronet Street,

London N1 6HD UK
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