February 02, 2012

PIKE Exhibition at Larry's Corner


2/4-2/18 2012

Opening 2 pm

Pike is somewhat of the artists’ artist. For over a quarter of a century he has mastered more techniques and genres than most have ever even heard of.

Pike, the graffiti-legend, never got caught up in his own character, he creates without preconditions or the confines of the genre, neither locked in nor locked out.

Pikes list of collaborations have thru the years swelled to include Core, Ruze, Mattias Bäcklin, Akay, Aman, Disey, Simon Gärdenfors Nug and Finsta and a host of others.

Pike is like a magician who never runs out of tricks to pull out of his sleeves, graffiti, sculptures, open book, animations and every other possibly and improbable bunny out of his hat.

At last, Pike is emptying all of his pockets and his entire trunk of tricks into Larry’s Corner. 7 years’ worth of mind-eye-hand coordination.

Jaw-dropping garanteed.
-Karl Max

Larry's Corner
Grindsgatan 35
118 57 Stockholm
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