February 28, 2012

Project One Gallery Presents - SYMBOLS


February 29th - March 31st, 2012
Opening reception: Wednesday, February 29th. 7pm-late.

Since the dawn of man we have created and expounded on symbols. Every culture from every time period has analyzed symbols in multiple contexts to solidify and examine their views and beliefs. From the markings found in ancient caves to the street signs and corporate logos of today, it is certain that we use symbols to define ourselves.

“The ancient history of man is being meaningfully rediscovered today in the symbolic images and myths that have survived. As we dig deep into the past, it is not the events of historical time that we learn to treasure but the statues, designs, temples, and languages that tell of old beliefs. These in tern are translated into modern concepts and brought to life by modern anthropologists” – Carl G. Jung (Historian)

Project One's exhibition space will be transformed to encapsulate many different categories of symbolic dialogue. Modern artists will expound on Creation & Cosmos, Animals, Nature, the Occult, Astrology & Tarot, Colors, Geometric shapes, Contemporary symbols, and the Apocalyptic conspiracies that surround 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. The exhibition itself will take on the form of an elaborate puzzle, leading the viewer through a maze of wonder.

"Symbols" will exhibit work by several artists who are continuing cultural, mental and spiritual exploration in their work. Many different mediums will be represented, all with the common thread of ancient and modern symbols that have become ingrained in our society.

Featuring work by:

Erik Otto (Cosmos & Creation)
Michael Maes (Elements: earth, fire, water, air)
Jet Martinez (Animals & Nature)
Ryan De La Hoz (Occult & Rituals)
Louis Reith (Geometric Shapes & Colors)
Xiang Gao (Astrology & Tarot)
Victor Wilde (Modern Day Symbols)
Scott Move (2012 conspiracies/Mayan Calendar/Apocalypse)

Please join us on Wednesday, February 29th at 7pm to experience the search for meaning with our own "modern anthropologists".

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Project One Gallery
251 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA.
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